Prepaid Student Card is an excellent card for college students or kids who earn an allowance. Best of all, you can monitor all of your child's spending habits online.

All the convenience of prepaid cards are now being offered by banks, websites and high street retailers. Popular options include:

The card is convenient and easy to use. An added benefit is that it fits easily into the student lifestyle. College life is fast-paced, and no student wants to be burdened with a checkbook or repeated trips to an ATM or bank branch. The fact that the prepaid card enhances mobility is a definite plus for students. The card can be used for purchases both on campus and off, and also doubles as a form of student ID, especially when personalized with a picture. Even student loan payments can be made with the card, just as student loan allotments can be loaded onto the card.

- Convenience cards for separating out your card spending
- Gift cards, a safe and convenient way to give money
- Travel cards for keeping your holiday spending separate
- Virtual cards, specifically for online spending
- Youth cards to enable controlled and monitored spending

prepaid cards are either disposable or re-loadable, depending on your preference:

- Disposable – rather like an electronic gift voucher, it can be used until all the funds are spent, then thrown away
- Re-loadable – like a prepaid mobile phone account, when the value is running low, it can be topped up and used again.

Contour is easy to get and use

No bank account or credit check is required to enroll
Accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide
Pay bills online, over the phone or in person
Make free cash withdrawals at U.S. Bank and MoneyPass ATMs
Invite someone, like a parent, to add money to your account
Access your card balance online
Sign up for free text and email alerts (note that standard messaging charges may apply from your mobile carrier)